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Landscape planting design really pays off when you think about the structures and your landscape designs before you actually start planting a landscape. Our planting plans follow in stages with our pre-construction service which includes a design evaluation, plant availability assessment, long-term maintenance analysis, and a site evaluation. This service will help you grasp the main planting design prior to any work being started and will give you practical tips to help you decide on what's right for you.


A design evaluation is where we sit down with you to find out what you think your dream landscape should look like for your home or commercial property. Your inspirations would likely include stunning colors, certain types of foliage and plant combinations. We'll help you along with where the best colors go together. You can view some ideas of colorscaping for your lawn and what you may want to consider. And in the way of curb appeal you might want to touch up or add grass to your landscape or even add some long lasting trees or shrubs.


Next we'll discuss your plant availability based on what your inspirations are above compared to what's available in your area that would thrive in your area's conditions. We're listing below the most sought after plants and trees for the East Tennessee, Virginia and the western North Carolina areas. Our suppliers are happy to see us and give us great pricing to keep your own costs down on the plants below. This inventory is a good starting place for you to consider.


Your pre-construction services will also include a long-term maintenance analysis. We'll discuss with you which plants will need more watering, pruning or fertilization that maybe a second choice that's lesser appealing to you might be better considered saving on your own maintenance as the property owner or in hiring out. (NOTE: This analysis does not include any discussion of hiring us to maintain your landscape as a full-service landscape design and installation service company. We'll have to discuss that after your complete job is done, due to many changes that might take place during the entire construction process. We wouldn't want to over estimate or under estimate your needs prematurely.)


Next we'll do a site evaluation and take into consideration all that was discussed above. If you use your landscape mostly for entertaining family and friends or just want great growth in an extensive flowering landscape, it's your choice of what combinations work best for you. We're not limited to our own imaginations but believe your ideas for an attractive and inviting landscape are top priority; however, we won't let you make a bad choice without speaking up. You can count on Complete Creations to also help you if you feel totally lost yet want your landscape design to look like those you see in your favorite books and magazines.

The site evaluation may limit some aspects of our plans and a re-working may be in order before getting started. This could range from needing some hardscaping done to your property in the way of retaining walls, usually small, or moving your planting area into a better space due to sloping or adding fill dirt or anything environmentally limiting to us.

Next, we'll get started. Complete Creations will now have a pretty solid planting design, great site evaluation and will construct your dream landscaping with your choices of your favorite selections of perennials, annuals, evergreens, and trees. It's as easy as that. Call us today to arrange for our Planting Design pre-construction services, pay your deposit or any fees discussed, and sit back and relax as we trick your lawn!