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Landscape installation follows directly after creating a landscape planting design. A variety of plants are introduced in the design to promote a year-round effect and for all facets of the landscape to complement each other. These design facets can range from plants, sidewalks and walkways, rock formations, water features, retaining walls and patios. Our experienced, skilled staff has the capability to properly plan and construct a landscape that reflects your living style; however, it is important for you to understand that not all DIY designers/homeowners have the skills needed for this master planning. Hiring a professional landscape company and being open to some changes is a necessity when it comes to long term costs and beauty.

Why Proper Installation is Important

Hardscaping is the beginning of the landscape installation process once your design is set. Hardscaping includes Concrete, Patio Brick, Stone, Wood and Metal material types incorporated into the master planning design. If your heart is set on a DIY landscaping project without consulting a landscape professional, your future may be bleak in having to take out your landscaping work and reconstructing it. This can happen by overlooking or not understanding how to evaluate the grade of your property for proper installation of decks, walkways, retaining walls and water gardens to what soil amendments are needed or what plants will thrive in certain areas.

You don't want to end up with erosion and dying plants, so a master plan should include this type of analysis by an educated and experienced landscaper who has that hands-on experience and training in proper procedures. Your design will then be properly installed and you will have overall problem-free landscaping success in years to come.

Complete Creations' Commitment

Our owner has a full commitment in satisfying his customers. Complete Creations is based in East Tennessee, in the Tri-Cities area, and our reputation shines when it comes to landscape installations for residences, business owners, and our East Tennessee community or municipality based organizations. We offer a Tennessee friendly approach and specialize in Tennessee Native products that are environmentally friendly and incorporate dynamic concepts for your space to have that WOW factor. We can recommend plant species that thrive in this altitude and within your soil type. These are commitments you can trust!

Of course, everything must fit your own personality and budget so we don't forsake you in the planning stages.

Landscaping Installation Process

Your own inspirations are a very important part of our processes from concept to completion, as we work side by side with you bringing your vision to life, as you trust our judgment and expertise. During this teamwork, we'll first start with a consultation and layout some visuals either by conversation or by drawing (or both, usually). Prior to finalizing a design, we'll discuss costs as well as pros and cons of any ideas that come to mind from plant arrangements to site preparation.

We'll first prepare your site and have you approve plant placement prior to their actual planting. You may want to add elegance with bordering landscaping of shrubs, perennials, or evergreens. Low maintenance islands can break up large expanses of lawn and stone pathways can be added for high traffic areas. We'll then lay mulch, spruce up any areas where there's weeds or a patchy lawn that you may want fresh sod. and finalize with cleanup. We'll end by showing you how to nurture your landscape as it takes root.

After our skilled crew finishes your job quickly, we also offer full service landscape maintenance plans.


We are a full-service landscape design and installation service company. Once you have that WOW factor and your now AMAZING property, you cannot ignore it, if you want it to continue to POP with lasting beauty! It takes a lot of care and commitment that most busy owners simply don't have the time to spend on their lawns and landscaping. This is where you'll want to hire a maintenance crew (or person) who knows your property the best and create a custom plan that meets your budget. We'll take care of all of that for you from mulch and sod to plant care and tree care.


Mulch breaks down and releases nutrients that enhance your soil. It's a great way to conserve water that your plants need, as well as reduces weed growth. These mulched places around shrubs, trees and any landscaping art need a lot of attention and should be kept clear of weeds and debris that will eventually end up in the areas through natural means. The attractiveness of mulch is accomplished by defining a demarcation line between it and your regular lawn by using pavers, a path, a machined edge or a retaining wall. These give your area a well manicured look and lowers maintenance on having to trim around your bedding areas. Mulch comes in many different kinds and varies in texture, composition and even coloring. We will recommend a mulch bed maintenance plan within your overall maintenance or by itself, if you prefer.


You get a new, green lawn in no time as Complete Creations installs high quality sod at reasonable prices -a very gratifying experience. Our sod service is professional and effective as we examine and do an evaluation of your property. Evaluation includes determining the sun and shade patterns and timing that your lawn is currently getting. Once you have made a decision on what type of sod, we will then detail an estimate of its delivery and installation and a date and time for the job to be completed.


  • Any existing grass and weeds will need to be removed by us
  • Should you have sprinklers, they will be located and marked
  • The lawn will be resurfaced using a top dressing wherever needed
  • Water runoff will be avoided by staggering the joints
  • For good soil to sod contact, to avoid drying out of the sod roots caused by air pockets, we will water roll your new sod installation
  • We will test your sprinklers and provide you with instructions for watering your newly sodded lawn


Believe it or not, it's best NOT to prune than to prune incorrectly. Improper pruning can destroy its landscape potential by weakening or deforming. You need a plant pruning professional who knows what they're doing and has the skillset required in order to achieve success. You want your trees, plants and shrubs to last surely more than a year, and what nature does so well without the help of man, man can destroy within that time if he knows not what he does!

Did you know there are certain plant parts that are of no use to a plant or are no longer effective and can be reduced or removed to the benefit of your plants? This in essence is what pruning is all about, not just getting rid of weeds or dying leaves and such, but more involves the health of the plant, it's landscape effect and its value. Pruning provides a supply of energy to your plants so they flower or produce good fruits and retain limbs on the plants. One must also know which plants are going to be too hardy for an area or those that will grow too large or will become unsightly. Pruning can be reduced by selecting the proper area for the planting location. Complete Creations has the expertise in deciding what's best suited for your forecasted pruning needs.


Trees for shade, trees for privacy, trees for just beautification are a major part of your landscape - but in the wrong places can become a harrowing experience in the years to come. Healthy trees increase in value with age and actually increase property value along with beautifying our surroundings, purify our air and save energy when they provide shade and provide protection from harsh winter elements. You need to detect problems beforehand, and our healthy tree recommendations are:

  • Regular inspections
  • Follow-up mulching
  • Follow-up Fertilizing
  • Follow-up Tree Pruning
  • Removal of small trees
  • Chipping branches and trunks


Plants require ongoing care to stay vibrant and thrive. Complete Creations offers a monthly service for just a small fee to maintain your plants keeping them at peak beauty all year long.

Our crew of maintenance professionals will keep your landscape in optimum condition for you. Professional landscape maintenance helps to not only retain, but also appreciates the value of your property over time.