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What is Hardscaping?

Concrete, Patio Brick, Stone, Wood and Metal are all material types that can be incorporated into the construction of solid landscaping surfaces and structures. Surfaces such as patios and walkways, and structures such as fountains, driveways, and retaining walls are the types of hardscaping that Complete Creations can do for you. Hardscape barriers to retain water in fountains and ponds are made up of these hard wearing "hardscape" materials.

Make a statement in your yard

By incorporating hardscaping along with your "softscape" (the horticultural elements of your landscaping design), you create an aesthetically pleasing and professional statement to your yard by adding a balanced contrast.

A Must Have

You may very well be forced into adding some hardscaping to your property due to natural erosion problems that come along with sloping and uneven soil. We have the expertise and know-how in creative designs that will reveal the natural beauty of your property should you need to add such, but we also have common sense when planning new landscapes or augmenting existing lawns and gardens that considers your hardscape needs. Ask our qualified technicians about any problem areas you may be noticing on your property and they will advise you.

Oh, how I want . . .

You may have your heart set on a hardscaping idea. Although hardscaping requires no watering or weeding, it may not be your best option if it simply doesn't fit with a design that you might have had in mind if there are potential problems of adding it. And if it doesn't really enhance your property or may cause additional problems, there should be other solutions that will be discussed with you to turn your ideas into a reality.

Hardscape problems

If water tends to stand and puddle on your hardscaped areas they can erode, themselves, over time. We give serious consideration and focus on your drainage abilities as we design your hardscape projects.

Stone or Brick Pavers for Patios, Walkways, and Sidewalks

We can construct custom stone patios and brick walkways as part of a design that complements the beauty of your home. Sidewalks come in a variety of resources from multiple colors, texture and patterns of stones to brick pavers. Pavers and stepping stones can be used to create a specific area for relaxing or entertaining in your yard. Whether your tastes are contemporary or you want old world charm, we can set in a variety of brick and concrete pavers in different sizes, shapes, and color tones that will bring personality into your outdoor living space transformation.

Retaining Walls

Should you require retaining walls, Complete Creations has the experience in large and small walls from single lines of stones to large walls between your lawn and roadway or a bordering property, etc. Retaining walls are used to keep your softscape from eroding and should be correctly installed to where softscape doesn't run over the top or under the wall.

Hardscaping costs

Hardscape materials cost more per square foot than softscape materials, mostly due to the weight, transportation and labor involved or if stone is transported in from areas that are not native to you.

Hardscape Planning

We'll visit you and walk through your property. We'll listen to your concerns and your concepts and brainstorm the finished project by taking measurements and talking about what types of materials are available or will work well. We'll also be open and honest about problems with your concept from soil being too soft to withstand your three-tiered stone bar-b-que pit you have your heart set on. We'll give you the good news as well as bad, even if it means we lose some profit. We take pride and have a reputation of honest work and repeat customers. We'll give you a rough estimate and simple contract to sign. The estimate will usually be within a ten-percent margin but you should expect a 10-percent increase in the actual costs as landscapers often do find unexpected problems and must resolve these issues to complete the job. As well, we can also add features during the job.